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Illayaraja - simply Maestro (part III)

Tytułem wstępu: Jako, że - ze zdziwieniem - zauważam, iż na mój blog zagląda (i chyba nawet próbuje za pomocą translatora coś czytać) coraz więcej osób z zagranicy postanowiłam od czasu do czasu napisać i jakąś notkę po angielsku (zwłaszcza, gdy będzie ona bardziej ilustrowana niż pisana:P)
 As - which is really suprising - I noticed, quite a few non-polish speaking people drop at my blog, I decided from time to time write sth in [my imperfect] english too:) (especially if there will be more visuals than reading:D)
So today, as it's Maestro's birthday, I decided to go on with my started a looong time ago overview of my favourite Illayaraja works. I've done with background scores, so now I present his songs which I admire most:) (yes, I know it's a hard task and probably  the survey won't be complete, but still I try)
As was with BMGs,  I begin with Illayaraja songs from Mani Ratnam movies (so from tamil songs). And the most close to my heart is probably the one from Mouna Raagam - just breathtaking:

I adore also sweet children's song from Anjali:

Wonderfull holi number (in rain and mud!) from Nayakan:

And moving ballad from Geetanjali (so telugu one):

But Maestro wrote not only 'serious' music:D Like this crazy song from Kakki Sattai:

Or funny piece from 'En Bommukutty Ammavuku':


But back to the sweet melodies - beautiful song from  Alaigal Oivathillai:

Another one from Pithamagan

Great fusion song from  Nizhalgal:

And on the end of this (tamil) part - the carnatic piece from Sindhu Bhairavi:

Can You recommend Your favourite Maestro's tamil songs? (the ones from the other languages will come in the next part)

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  1. "O Butterfly" from "Meera":)