środa, 13 czerwca 2012

Illayaraja - simply Maestro (part IV)

Continuing the list of my favourite Illayaraja's songs... This time I start with his collaboration with Telugu genius - Vishwanath:)

Thrilling Thakita Thakita from Sagara Sanganam:

 Romantic ballad from Swathi Muthyam:

Ghallu Ghallu from Swarna Kamalam:

Illayaraja with Vamsy is also great combination:) Wonderfull Maata rani  from Maharshi:

 Enchanting 'cuckoo' song from Sitara:

And now Illayaraja with Bapu - charming and nostalgic ballad from Mantrigari Vinyankudu:

Melodious song from Sankerthaana:

 Breathtaking Are emandi  from Aaradhana (I know the movie is a remake and the music is taken from tamil version, but still prefer - and in fact really adore - the telugu version;))

Full of life and energy (and incredibly sung by Balasubramaniyan!) song from Abhilasha:

And sth little more serious (but still also energetic one) - number from Anthapuram:

Awarded with national song from Aditya 369:

Did I miss sth special from Maestro's composition for telugu movies? (I know I certainly did;))

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