sobota, 25 sierpnia 2012

Birthday Chiru's week - Megastar movie looks

Chiru's birthday celebrations part two (I know little late, but better late than never, isn't it?^^) -  this time screenshots with his various looks in different movies.

Adavi Donga
Jagadeka veerudu athiloka sundari
Kondama Simham
Mahanagaram Lo Mayagadu
also Mahanagaram Lo Mayagadu
Sri Manujatha
Attaku yamudu ammayiki mogudu
Big Boss
Chanakaya sapadham
Muta Mestri
Also Muta Mestri
Raja Vikramarka
Swayam Krushi
Sneham Kosam
stalled hollywood project The Thief of Bagdadh
Of course this isn't a complete list. There are many more - which I haven't discovered (yet) or temporary forgot about them etc.
 And Temple: hope you'll find at least one, you haven't seen earlier:D

3 komentarze:

  1. Love it! And yes, there are a couple from films I haven't watched yet :D I've been giggling at the costumes in Mutta Mestri all week. Cheers, Temple

  2. I was meaning rather You haven't seen the particular look, cause it isn't like that I've seen all these movies (like Muta mestri is still before me): sometimes I just found clip on YT or while looking for sth else googled also the other pictures etc:) But good You like it- cheers!

  3. The 'Thief of Baghdad' look is one I've never seen, and I do like it a lot. He has the best eyes...Sigh :)