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Megabirthday 2013: Chiru & Silk Smita - what an explosive pair!

I'm a big fan of Chiru-Vijayashanti pairing (and consider them as one of the best pair ever), but also love Silk Smita's items with Chiru - they both together form so explosive mixture, that effectively stick viewer glued to the screen (and often even make you blush^^)
So I'd like to present some examples:

How to make lazily laying Chiru dance with you?  If you are Silk Smita it seems to be no problem. Movie Goonda (which is on my this year's Megaweeek watching list):

Other variation of the similar situation. This time Smita has more modest outfit - but still is very persuasive:) song from Roshagadu:

This time dance on the club's stage. When you think it will be solo Smita's show suddenly enters Chiru- in yellow luminous tight lycra pants! Real disco dancer:D With claws^^  Goodachari nr 1

Disco dancer again. This time instead of lycra simpler white outfit (corresponding with Smita's pink one), but we have led dancefloor.  Song from Donga:

And the next stage dancer - this time afro Chiru in black (and with snake's accents), while Silk is in gold. Devantakudu:

This is completely crazy. Smita and Chiru (in 'dominator' outfit - perfect for sado-maso games:D) on stage. Agni Gundam movie:

More craziness - in greek-roman stylization (mean Chiru in kind of the short peplum - I love his legs!), including the kiss:D And what the others dancers do isn't chaste too...  Real challenge from Challenge:


And that's not all. Barechested, tied Chiru and Smita writhing at his feet. And this is just a beginning of the 'gymnastic' play:P Moving bed also used. Excellent proof for an 'innocence nad chastity of indian movies'^^ From Hero:

Now I propose a long, cold shower:P  And enjoy Megastar movies and clips - not only on his birthday:)

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