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Megabirthday 2015: let it rain! (and make Chiru wet^^)

The idea for the main theme of this year's (late) birthday post came from ... the Polish weather. It's so hot and dry recently that we started swearing the rain on Facebook with the help of... Indian wet clips;) Then I thought Chiru can be one of the best 'sorcerers', so why not to present a whole bunch of his 'wet moves'. And here you are ;) (btw. we still really need rain here!)

Let's start with something innocent. Chiru with children dancing in the rain (seems a bit similiar with SRK dance from DTPH, doesn't it?)

Then Suhasini and Chiru form 'Challenge'.  Only small part of the song comes in the rain, but this massage at the beginning is also worth a lot^^

And now Chiru and Radha from 'Nagu'. They wear white outfits, but the clip isn't innnocent at all :P 
 Radha with Chiru again. This time stylish acrobatics  from 'Gharana Mogudu'

Chiru song with Nagma from 'Gharana Mogudu' is full of joy and passion:
Next one is the height of naughtinness. Roja (they don't make such heroines anymore - 200% of woman), Chiru and some wild animals -  'Big Boss':
Chiru and Vijayashanti dancing in the rain and.. around big shells ;) A scenographer of this clip from 'Yamudiki Mogudu' had really a huge imagination ;D

And saving the best for the last: one of my most favourite songs ever - Vijayashanti and Chiru from 'Gang Leader'. The only right version of this song, which I can replay again and again...
And let it rain! At least.

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